Homework: Tuesday, 9/11/12

PERIODS 1 & 4/5: No homework tonight!

PERIOD 2 w/ Mr. Patterson and PERIODS 6/7 & 10 w/ Mr. Drummond:

Choose 1 of these options:

THETA- pg 6/7 # 20,26,30,31,35,40.

SIGMA-pg 6/7 #1-4,20-30,31,33-37,40-42.

EPSILON-pg 6/7 #1-12,19-31,33-42.

**Remember that if you choose the THETA assignment you will be given a short quiz to demonstrate your understanding of the section. The SIGMA assignment is meant for the students who feel pretty comfortable with the material and the EPSILON assignment is meant for those who need some extra practice. Extra credit will be given to those who complete the EPSILON assignment completely.


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